'Old' rapper just released CDs, 'Don't Take Your Gun to Town'

| 06 Apr 2018 | 05:04

Geriatric rap music?
He may be the only rapper old enough to be on Social Security, but that doesn’t bother Nick Roes. The Barryville resident, and Director of the Artists’ Market Community Center in Shohola, Pa. has released three full length CDs and several singles in the last few years.
His latest release, “Don’t Take Your Gun To Town” is a remake of an old Johnny Cash tune, reworked to be about an urban youth instead of a cowboy, and sung in a rap style.
“I like the term ‘hillbilly rap’ better than ‘geriatric’,” Roes says. “It’s a blend of country and hip-hop, and early signs are that I’m not the only one who likes it.”
He admits that starting a recording career at the age of 63 is unusual, but says he’s having so much fun that he just can’t help himself.
“And please don’t buy the CD,” he explains. “People my age are the only ones left on the planet that don’t know how to get their music for free. Just go to Spotify or YouTube or the other free streaming services.”
For information, go to his web site: http://nickroes.com or call Nick Roes 845-557-8713 nickaroes@aol.com