Take the January hiking challenge at Lacawac

Wayne County. Participants have a chance to win prizes based on logged miles.

| 10 Jan 2024 | 11:27

For hiking enthusiasts who don’t mind a bit of a trek for a whole lot of nature, this challenge at Lacawac Sanctuary might be for you! The Lacawac Sanctuary recently announced its 2024 “eager beaver” hiking challenge which runs for the whole month of January.

Hikers have been tasked with exploring the Lacawac Sanctuary (94 Sanctuary Road, Lake Ariel) and its many miles of diverse trails. Just track your journey using the Sanctuary’s Hiker Challenge logbook located inside the visitor’s center. After submitting a $5 entry fee, hikers have a chance to win a variety of prizes based on the number of miles they hike. For every two miles completed, you can earn an entry to win Lacawac merchandise, two tickets to the Sanctuary’s “Cocktails for Conservation” event (value $90), outdoor field guides, and more.

Hikers must be registered to participate in the challenge and stay on existing trails. Do not enter adjacent properties. Alcoholic beverages, smoking, and fires of any kind are not permitted.

The prize drawing will take place on February 2. Winners will be announced on the Sanctuary’s social media and via email. For more information about the Sanctuary or this challenge, visit lacawac.org.