The Von Trapps come to visit

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:05

WESTFALL - A large crowd lined the halls of the Delaware Valley High School last Friday, Dec. 2 awaiting the opening performance of the middle school drama production of, “The Sound of Music.” By the second night, word got out about the play which led to a sold-out performance on Saturday when more than 75 people were turned away. The musical’s two-night run was directed by Jim Fazzino, who commented that this “is a credit to the students...(their) work ethic, responsibility, and initiative made the play a success.” The months of rehearsal put in by the young actors was apparent throughout the entire performance, he said. High school art and vo-tech classes pitched in to design and build the sets and props. Students from the high school orchestra made up the play’s pit-band under the direction of Mollie Jones. High school actress, Kaitlin Paul, stated that, “The talent, choreography, and scenery were outstanding. It was definitely one of the best middle school shows yet.” For more photos from the show, click “photos” at