‘We heard you, Milford. You wanted comedy and we’re delivering it’

Milford. Comedy series coming to the Milford Theater, beginning Sept. 9.

| 22 Aug 2023 | 12:32

The forthcoming comedy series at the Milford theater will, indeed, have people laughing out loud.

“One of the most requests we’ve gotten is to bring comedy to the theater,” Beth O’Neil explained. As the theater’s artistic director of the theater, she has been trying to do just that, and the theater’s first comedy series is now a reality.

The Comedy Series will run from September of this year through May of 2024. All shows being at 8 p.m. The comics in the series are diverse and yet they appeal to a wide swath of audiences. O’Neil believes that one thing all successful comedians have is the ability to tell a story and each of these comedians is a master storyteller with their own twist.

The ‘Dry Bar’ comedy of Fred Klett

Fred Klett kicks off the series on Saturday, Sept. 9. Klett is one of 10 children and his comedy is a family affair ­– in the sense that many off his family members participate in the show in one way or another and also that Klett’s show appeals to families across all demographics.

He is known for his “Dry Bar” comedy– a type of stand-up comedy with no coarse language and no bawdy jokes. In other words, like a bar without alcohol. Fred works on stage with his son Gus while his brother Derek Klett is the manager. Fred Klett has been doing stand up for 41 years and as he says, his “comedy is about observations on life - real life - family life.” More than70 million people have watch Fred’s Live and Dry Bar Specials.

Dena ‘My name is not mom’ Blizzard

Dena Blizzard comes to the theater on Saturday, Oct. 7. Her show is billed as, “I love you. Get away from me.” Blizzard is a mother off three and creator of “One Funny Mother, a multi-media company creating content, products and live comedy shows about wine, women, and laughter. Blizzard toured her Off Broadway shows, “One Funny Mother “and “My Name is not Mom” to 75 cities throughout North America in 2022. She currently has 25K daily viewers on her FB Live “One Funny Morning” and “Tipsy Tuesday” shows.

Funny Women of a Certain Age

Funny Women of a Certain Age will descend upon the theater with a bang on Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024. This is a collection off the funniest, most daring , most experienced women in the business. These women are bold. They are brave. They have left audiences in stitches. Some of those in the group are Fran Drescher, Janeane Garofalo, Wendy Liebman and Carol Leifer.

Peter Antoniou

Peter Antoniou, a mind-reader and comedian, will blow your mind on Saturday, March 9.

He has amazed judges on America’s Got Talent as well as doing sell-out shows in La Vegas and London’s West End. Antoniou has razor-sharp British wit and is able to know exactly what people are thinking. This show is interactive and he will pick your brain and tickle your funny bone.

Ben Bailey

Ben Bailey, a national headliner who tours the country, will come to the theater on Saturday, May 25, 2024. Bailey was the host and producer of the 14 season game show, “Cash Cab,” and has earned multiple Daytime Emmys. He has also appeared on The Tonight Show, the Today Show, Oprah, Rachel Ray and scores of others. He can be seen at www.therealbenbailey.com or on his You Tube channel, “Ben Bailey Comedy.”

‘We need comedy now more than ever’

The comedy series will not involve politics. It will be fun, relaxing and hysterical with seasoned, well-known comics.

And, in the words of Beth O’Neil, “We heard you, Milford. You wanted comedy and we’re delivering it.”