You are invited to a virtual arts reception

Shohola. Same time, cyber space: Barryville Area Arts Association is not cancelling its planned "Painters and Painters" celebration.

| 01 Apr 2020 | 11:26

The Barryville Area Arts Association is adjusting to the COVID-19 health crisis by going online.

“We won’t put the health of our community at risk with in-person events,” said director Nick Roes. “We also refuse to abandon our community when spirits need lifting the most. So, we’ll do our best to feed your souls with poetry, art, and music by creating virtual events, communicating more frequently, and inviting you to be more active in our online community.”

For several months, artists have been hard at work creating paintings inspired by local poets. At the same time, poets have been creating poetry inspired by the work of local artists. “Poets and Painters: A Celebration of Kindred Spirits” was planned as an in-person celebration. But when the event was cancelled, the idea for a “virtual reception” came to life. It’s scheduled for 4 p.m. pm Saturday, April 4 — the same time and date as the in-person event it's replacing. This is a You-Tube World Premiere event, where you can watch and comment in real time at this link:

"Our emotional health is at least as important as our physical health," said Roes.

This event is supported by funding from the Richard L Snyder Fund, administered by the Greater Pike Community Foundation.