Meet your candidates for General Assembly District 139

PIKE COUNTY. This year election day falls on November 8.

| 14 Oct 2022 | 06:36

Pike County residents have three candidates running to be their representative for General Assembly District 139: Democrat Meg Rosenfeld, Republican Joseph Adams, and write-in candidate Marian Keegan. Each candidate provided the following statements below:

Joseph Adams

I am a life-long resident of the 139th District, a committed family man, an elected official, a volunteer coach, a civic and community organization volunteer leader, and an avid sportsman. I have dedicated my entire life to making Pike and Wayne counties a better place to live, work and raise a family.

When we see a challenge in our community, I rally the people and tirelessly work to provide and implement real solutions. Through my 15 years of public education administration, 17 years of private sector jobs and corporate leadership, and six years of governmental employment, I not only have the qualifications, but the integrity, proven leadership skills and experience to get the job done.

It is my plan to employ these skills and characteristics to reduce taxes for our hard working families and seniors on fixed incomes, to enact pro-growth policies to help our district prosper with economic opportunities for life sustaining jobs, to invest in our police to reduce crime and protect our citizens, to empower parents and local communities with more control over education, to support and improve our healthcare system, and to support our volunteer fire and ambulance companies.

There have been seven generations of our family living in Pike and Wayne counties, and I truly care about our communities, our values, our freedoms, our rights and our rural way of life. I plan to protect these great attributes and will work diligently to bring enhanced opportunities to the 139th House District people.

Marian Keegan

I am the only independent on the ballot. As a write-in candidate, I run not as a Democrat or a Republican. My positions, articulated on my website, are held by most people. Our elections are fair, and we are free to make our own choices. I seek sensible government, not divisive politics. When elected, I will include all people and protect our freedom. Each person’s voice matters, and I will get what we need.

I’ve attended public meetings and events in each municipality in the district – listening deeply and questioning respectfully. I know our opportunities and threats, and our strengths and weaknesses. I am educated and trained as a scientist and forester who has practiced professionally with governments, businesses, and non-profits to successfully attain sustainable results. I will bring smart, reasonable representation and integrity to the office.

Protecting the environment and achieving livable wages are my priorities. Improving health, infrastructure, education, and public safety are additional goals. We must prepare for climate change in ways that provide quality of life for everyone. I will navigate the complexities of state government to obtain positions on committees that are important to the district. I will build working relationships with all legislators and apply my government experiences to better our lives and communities.

Inclusive, non-partisan representation makes sense for everybody. We must walk away from partisan bickering to make the real-life changes we need. Elect me, an independent woman, to represent you and I will protect what we love in rural Pennsylvania.

Meg Rosenfeld

I’m Meg Rosenfeld, and my family has made Milford our home for over a decade. Our children go to our public schools and play on our local teams. My husband is a small business owner.

Until my campaign to serve Pike and Wayne counties as a State House representative, I have served as an advocate for families. As an early education teacher, I fought for the needs of families and children with special needs while volunteering for EMS. Through my work as a paralegal and victims advocate, I helped people regain control over their lives.

We live in a community with exceptionally compassionate people trying to make life better for everyone. However, without the support of our state representative, we have been left to self-fund and scrape by. Appropriations that should have come to our district were allocated elsewhere while our neighbors face hunger and can’t access or afford medical care. Our young families see exorbitant childcare costs and insufficient employment opportunities. Seniors can’t afford to stay in their homes. My opponent has pledged to continue these failed, neglectful policies.

We can’t afford more of the same from the same bureaucrats. I stand proudly for women’s reproductive healthcare rights and our LGBTQ community. I will fight to provide affordable local healthcare, defend and support public education, establish before/after care in elementary schools, provide more job training, raise the minimum wage, and lower the cost of living, especially for seniors. Pennsylvania’s most prominent teachers’ unions and Planned Parenthood PAC of PA support my candidacy.

I’ve listened as my neighbors, emergency service volunteers, teachers, government officials, and small business owners have shared their concerns. Their needs are my agenda. We can end the neglect by electing compassionate leaders. Pike and Wayne deserve better. I’d be honored to have your vote.