Pike's Peek

| 26 Nov 2019 | 11:27

Many readers were able to correctly identify the detail in last week's clue.

Dr. Marc B. Kramer offered some background with his correct answer: "The Waterwheel Cafe, Restaurant & Bar is found at 150 Water Street on the Sawkill Creek in Milford. It derives its name from the early 19th century water wheel that it adjoins and which can be viewed through its many vantage point windows. The Waterwheel is a favorite dining spot serving American, Thai and Vietnamese fare. The water wheel is certainly a Milford Landmark and is registered on National Register of Historic Places."

Some readers offered a recommendation with their answer. "The Cafe is beautifully operated by Nancie Simonet & Darren Fouse," writes Ruth Eberz. "You can't get a more reasonable and delicious meal in Milford."

"My favorite place for lunch!" write Doug and Babette Dow.

Others to get it right include Pike County Commisssioner Matt Osterberg, William McGaughey, Tree, Wendy Dangelo, Ellen Hussey, Carolyn Drennan, Debbie Leech, Bob and Judy Brumbaugh, David Ruby, Matthew Parks, and Julieanne Danczewski.

Awesome job Peekers! Thank you for playing along.