Pike's Peek

| 26 Feb 2015 | 04:24

Plenty of readers knew where the detail in last week's clue could be found.

Susan Mills of Matamoras writes: "The Dingmans toll bridge — such an out of the way, hidden gold mine for whomever owns it!!!!! lol."

Other readers to get it right are: Brianne Binelli, Carl Muller, Cheryl O'Sullivan, Dr. Marc Kramer, Luisa Weinstein, Peggy Maher, Steve Kotcher, Donald Rozas, Paula Garrison, Al Feakins, Carol Osterberg, Henry Levine, Bill and Gretchen Pitman, and Bob and Judy Brumbaugh, all of Milford; and Richard Heimbrook of Dingmans Ferry.

Nice job!