Pike's Peek

| 12 Mar 2015 | 05:17

Wow, there sure are plenty of readers who knew where to find last week's clue. Diane Triglianos of Milford writes: "Easy peasey! Apple Valley Restaurant on Rte. 6 in Milford. Even my 16 y.o. daughter said, 'Duh! Apple Valley!'"

I guess that helps explain it. Some readers highly recommend the place. Bob and Judy Brumbaugh of Milford write: "Great food and great service."

Others to get it right are: Andrew Schroeder, Carolyn Drennan, Tree O'Dell, Jane Ridley, Benny and Cecilia Basile, Tom McCloskey, Arnold Jacobowitz, Carl Muller, Marcia Monaco, Carol Osterberg, William Arlequeeuw, peggy maher, robert dunn, Cheryl O'Sullivan, Doug and Babette Dow, Luisa Weinstein, Steve Kotcher, Ric Underhill, Cara Rozas, Harriet Keller, Barbara Grohl, Ed and Lucille Ward, Michelle Ashworth, Harold Schueler, and Lynn Lasek, all of Milford; James Sarte of Shohola; and Jeanne Ginnety of New York, N.Y.

Good work guys. Thanks for playing.