Centa Quinn celebrated for 71 Novembers voting

Milford. Centa Quinn was honored by Pike County Council of Republican Women for her long consistent voting record.

| 11 Jan 2023 | 10:19

The Pike County Council of Republican Women (PCCRW) honored Centa Quinn, of Milford, at its Annual Christmas Tea at the Fairview Café in Tafton, PA on December 13th.

Quinn, a long time member of the PCCRW, was honored for voting in every November election for 71 years. Quinn attended their dinner with her friend Adele Roban, Alan Quinn and April Quinn. She has been a hardworking and dedicated advocate for the Republican cause for untold years.

Honored with flowers, dinner and friends, the PCCRW President Michelle Tonkin said, “She is an outstanding example of Republicanism in the women’s council and in the Pike county community.”

The Pike County Council of Republican Women was founded in 1949 and describe themselves as “advancing Republican women for 74 years.”