Changes made at Milford Township reorg meeting

Milford. At their first meeting of the year, Milford Township supervisors changed their primary engineer and asserted the possibility of “customizing” their draft of the Act 537 inter-municipality sewer agreement.

| 11 Jan 2023 | 10:37

MIlford Township Supervisor Rachel Hendricks explained the appointment process at the Milford Township reorganization meeting on January 2. With three members on the Board of Supervisors, the Board can vote for their own appointment without violating the state’s ethics act, she said. This is true only for the reorganization meeting and three-member boards, according to Solicitor Anthony Magnotta.

One of the few changes that came out of the reorganization was a change among engineers. Reversing their previous status, Fuller was appointed as the primary engineer and Kiley Associates as the alternate, along with McGoey, Hauser and Edsall.

In the past, conflicts have emerged between then primary engineer Kiley Associates and alternate John Fuller, according to Hendricks. Fuller noted that he has become familiar with township ordinances and is currently working on the EconoPak expansion project for the township.

During the regular meeting, correspondence related to the Act 537 sewer project from the other Boroughs was discussed. The comments mentioned hope that Milford Township will adopt resolutions favoring the new revised plan and inter- municipality agreement draft, according to Supervisor Hendricks.

There were some comments on whether or not the draft will include responses to questions and open comments from a hearing on Act 537 made by Planning Commission Chairman Robert DiLorenzo. The Board of Supervisors will “customize” their resolution if the questions or comments are not included in the draft.

“I fully support this township customizing our resolution so that it is clear that we do not accept the draft inter-municipality agreement as written,” said Hendricks.