Cost increases prompt Milford Town budget draft with dip into reserves

Milford. Increases in costs have prompted a 2023 budget with use of fund balance this year and a tax increase of a yet undetermined amount for 2024.

| 28 Nov 2022 | 01:33

A proposed budget draft for 2023 was presented at the Milford Township supervisors meeting on November 21. This budget was challenging due to rising costs and inflation, according to Supervisor Rachel Hendricks. In the drafted budget, the Township proposes to take $80,055 from reserves to make the budget whole. Using money from reserves will be a one-time action, Hendricks said. Even though money from reserves will be used, taxes will increase in 2024 due to the rise in costs.

“We understand how difficult this year has been and the rise of costs that so many are facing right now. We’ve been holding the line as much as we are able to do,” said Hendricks.

Milford Township has the lowest tax revenue in the county, other than Porter Township, because of the amount of undeveloped land it includes.

This draft budget does not include any pay increases for staff, but if spending is under budget, staff bonuses at the end of the year would be the intent, providing an incentive to keep spending down, according to Hendricks.

Extra costs will come from fuel, snow materials, salt for roads and other municipal maintenance expenditures, as well as the comprehensive plan. Salt has gone up from $58 per ton last year to $79 this year. The tax increase amount for 2024 has not been determined.