DV Football bends to Whitehall

Milford. Delaware Valley made some good moves but not enough to best Whitehall.

| 22 Nov 2022 | 12:25

Well, Delaware Valley football fans, I deeply regret to inform you that the season is over. It has been an exciting and fun season but unfortunately it ends on a losing note.

Delaware Valley was defeated by a very good Whitehall team. It was Whitehalls night. On another night, who knows? But give Whitehall credit. They showed up, they played well and they got the win.

Here are a few vital statistics for the D.V. players.

To begin with, D.V. managed to play a good game. They just were not able to close the deal.

Here are some of the mainstay players who never disappointed us. Justin Kalitsnik, who always has great games, pulled down 5 tackles.

Tylor Bird, quarterback, managed a 57% passing ratio, passing for 89 yards.

Jaden Ramirez caught a big play pass for 58 yards.

Paulie Weinrich ran for 140 yards and was named the player of the game.

Delaware Valley’s total yards gained was 247. Passing total was 89 and rushing total was 158.

All of these stats would usually be good enough for a victory, but we will have to wait until next year for any more football victories.

It was another great season there, young men. You did win the district championship, so you are champions. As usual, you do the community proud.