DVE-News/TV reporters go on location at Pike County Humane Society

They met a pig, a dog and several people who staff the shelter.

| 15 Jun 2022 | 07:23

DVE-News/TV reporters were out beating the pavement again and went on location to the new Pike County Humane Society in Shohola, PA. They were met by board members Allyson Gillinder, Christine Cahill, Mrs. Sproul and Stacy O’Connell.

The reporters began asking questions, and all board members responded. They said that PCHS does not rescue wild animals, but they rescue domesticated animals in various ways. They are usually notified by someone that a pet was abandoned or found roaming streets. They rescue approximately 500 animals a year. When asked if they currently had animals other than dogs and cats, the answer was yes. They have guinea pigs and a pig too.

When asked what a typical day was like at PCHS, they were told that the days can be long, but they do have fun hanging out with the animals. Five or six people are on staff each day.

PCHS can hold a maximum of 26 dogs and 40 cats, and 500 to 1,000 animals are adopted each year. Sometimes people do come back to adopt more than one animal. PCHS gets help for injured or sick animals. They make sure that the animals get plenty of exercise running the playpen and going for long walks. All board members mentioned that they loved working with rescue animals because they love them. They all have pets, and they are all rescues.

The Pike County Humane Society has been in existence at this Shohola location since 1963. They train volunteers on how to handle the animals. Currently the longest animal to be at PCHS is 7 to 8 years. The oldest animal to have been rescued was 16 years old.

For those interested in adopting an animal from PCHS, they recommend having both the time and money to properly take care of your animal. An application must be filled out and approved first for adopting and also volunteering. Volunteers can be any age, but those 18 years old or younger must have a parent with them.

Reporters ate lunch outside on a picnic bench next to their newly painted mural. Afterward, they were brought to meet the pig, Sally. On their way out they met another employee, Dan Smith, who had been a DVE-News/TV reporter in 2009-2010.