GAIT commemorates veterinarian Richard Dubensky with barn door plaque

Milford. The late veterinarian Richard Dubensky, husband of GAIT founder Martha Dubensky, was honored with a plaque on the GAIT barn, for his medical and other contributions.

| 24 Oct 2022 | 09:42

A plaque was recently hung at the GAIT barn by the Board of Directors for GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center to memorialize veterinarian Richard Dubensky’s contributions. Since GAIT’s inception in 1995, Dubensky donated all needed veterinary care, medications, and supplies to care for the health of the horses. He also volunteered time assisting in classes and during special events, such as fundraisers and GAIT open houses. Dubensky supported GAIT’s mission through his philanthropy and as an ambassador for them.

Previously, the Board of Directors started the R. A. Dubensky, DVM, Memorial Fund to help cover the cost of future veterinary services. To donate, visit their website at

To donate, visit their website at