GAIT horse Thunder dies after medical efforts fail

Milford. Thunder, foal of GAIT therapy horse Breeze, suddenly became ill and ran up a $15,000 medical bill at Cornell University Equine Hospital. But medical efforts failed to improve his condition and relieve his pain. He was euthanized on Monday.

| 04 Aug 2022 | 02:22

GAIT TRC won Breeze in the summer of 2017 for their therapeutic riding program. Community members then chose the name of her foal, Thunder, in 2019. Thunder has been in training, but on Friday, July 29, he became severely ill unexpectedly and was taken to Cornell University Equine Hospital. GAIT sought donations, as estimated expenses rose to $15,000.

However, daily reports from the Cornell veterinary team indicating that his prognosis was dire to begin with got worse. On Monday, August 1, they were unable to control his pain, and he was euthanized. His ashes and tail will be returned to GAIT. Donations to pay for Thunder’s care are welcomed.

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