Pike potter turns pasta into dough for Greater Pike

Milford. David Greenbaum evolved from potter to boat-maker to pasta maker for community benefit.

| 17 Jun 2022 | 04:26

SHOHOLA, PA – What David Greenbaum was looking for when he went from turning clay into pots to turning dough into pasta, and back into dough, he saw in Greater Pike Community Foundation. At this point, he said, his aim is to put his efforts into philanthropy for the long run.

About six months ago this soft-spoken, meditating, boat-building, artist-turned-noodler in Shohola felt he had molded enough pottery and built enough boats and now wanted to “do something fun, and share something good with the world.”

That was when the Greenbaums of Shohola became the Noodlers Handmade Pasta of Shohola and a budding idea became a full-fledged pasta-making operation in his Shohola basement. After complying with all health and safety regulations, he started churning out pasta, packaging it and selling one-pound bags at the Milford Farmers Market and at Better World, the coffee/gift shop/bakery in Milford.

He decided to donate all proceeds from the sale of the pasta to Greater Pike. “I read about Greater Pike and learned more about them and all their work seemed worthwhile,” he said, adding that he donated his first stimulus check to Greater Pike. The philanthropy and community support resonated with Greenbaum. And since he wasn’t making enough pasta to “broadly dispense to the world,” he decided he would keep it local.

“This is our way to scratch the itch to give back” said his son Granger Greenbaum, who recognizes the potential to grow but for now is satisfied with helping his dad mix, shape, dry, package and sell the unique brand.

“We make the pasta, Greater Pike will disperse the dough” Greenbaum joked. With proceeds donated to Greater Pike, the funds are distributed back into the community, where the Pike Foundation board deems the need to be greatest.