Shohola train wreck victims remembrance

Shohola. An 1864 train wreck in Shohola left many dead. Shohola Railroad & Historical Society will hold an event to honor them on July 17.

| 13 Jul 2022 | 07:19

A train crashed a mile north of Shohola in 1864. Of the approximately 800 persons on board the train, 48 Confederate prisoners and 17 guards were killed.

Shohola Railroad & Historical Society invites the public to a gathering honoring those who died there. Ceremonies will begin at 2 p.m. on Sunday, July 17, and will take place at Rohman’s Pub in the town of Shohola, where many of the injured were taken and cared for by local residents from both sides of the river.

Train wreck remembrance: 2 p.m., Sunday, July 17, Rohman’s Pub, 103 Rohman Rd, Shohola, PA 18458