Stability boost for nonprofits offered by Greater Pike Community Foundation

Milford. Greater Pike Community Foundation is offering $1000 in matching funds to nonprofits that open an endowment fund by the end of the year to assist with nonprofits’ financial stability.

| 10 Aug 2022 | 08:39

A new initiative aimed at helping nonprofits gain financial stability has been introduced as part of Greater Pike Community Foundation’s 10-year anniversary commemoration. The “10-for-10” program invites up to 10 local nonprofit organizations to open an organizational endowment fund before the end of the year and includes a one-time $1,000 gift in matching funds.

“If your organization is strained by constantly seeking grants and donations and you’d like to plan for your financial future, consider establishing an endowment fund through Greater Pike and creating a nest egg ‘For Good. Forever,’” said Executive Director Jenni Hamill.

“This unique financial planning opportunity offers organizations a chance to gain long-term financial stability as their fund grows,” she said.

Interested organizations can complete a planning form found at and can learn more by emailing or calling 570-832-4686.

Organizations that set up funds before October 6 will be announced at the annual Gala and Dinner.

Greater Pike helps individuals, families, and local businesses to provide a permanent and personal way to give back to the community. For more information contact Jenni Hamill, Executive Director, at (570) 832-4686,, or visit and