The crux of the issue

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:03

Milford - “Lift High the Cross” is what will be happening soon at the new Saint Patrick’s Church on the corner of Fourth and East High Streets. The construction of this architecturally beautiful house of worship is moving along fast and parish members are patiently waiting for the domes on the steeples to be set in place. These acrylic steeple caps will bathe the inside of the church with natural light both at sunrise and sunset. The parish is busy raising funds and many parishioners and friends of the community have pledged generously towards the new church. Very Reverend Gerald F. Mullally, pastor, is excited that so many members of the community are involved and that they realize what a great attribute this new church will be not just to the borough of Milford but to the entire area. Anyone interested in making a donation can call the parish office at 570-296-7451. The church will be completed in October 2006. There will be a dedication ceremony and all in the community are welcome to attend this joyous occasion.