Autos sales and animal adoptions work well together at dealership

| 29 Sep 2011 | 10:41

MILFORD - It was “love at first sight” for folks who visited the Pike County Humane Society under a large party tent full of adoptable canines. Milford Chrysler allowed the Pike County Humane Society to use their lot Saturday, to help in the much needed adoption of many animals at the shelter. Adoptable dogs in pet carriers were under the tent, while cats were in pet carriers inside the new car showroom. “We’re having a great day. We’ve already adopted out six dogs and five cats, and we have a few hours to go,” said Barry Heim, who works at the adoption center. In addition, Milford Chrysler’s parent company, the Rosado Group, makes a donation to the center for every animal adopted. Debbie Rosado, of the Rosado Group, has pledged to donate the money for the first veterinarian visit for each new adoptee. The dealership also included a $500 cash discount for every car sold today. WalMart and Hills Precision Auto were also sponsors of the event. When the Courier arrived, John Roche, of Lords Valley, was on his cell phone trying to convince his wife, Rita, to agree to adopt Sammy, a four-year-old, long-haired Dachshund. Cooper convinced his wife to go along with the plan and became a happy new father. The Coopers have two dogs already. “Rita took right to the dog and the dog took to her,” said John Roche of Milford. “We’re gonna’ call him Curly,” Roche said, after conferring with his wife about their new ‘Party Doodle,’ a mixed breed slightly shorter than a standard poodle. “I’m a little nervous ‘cause the kids haven’t seen him yet. We have five children, and now we’ll have three dogs as well. We’re heading home now to surprise the kids,” Rita exclaimed as they headed for their car. Meanwhile, inside the car showroom, Karen Matrafailo of Milford was adopting her sixth cat. “Look, he has seven toes on each foot. He’s only supposed to have five,” remarked a smiling Matrafailo, as she held her new kitten closely. Felix Rosado, who works at the dealership, adopted an adult Calico cat. He already has one kitten named Anakin, after the “Star Wars” character, and a puppy to boot. “I adopted him because he was a good-looking cat, and he’ll be best friends with my kitten,” said Rosado. The “dog tent” and the “cat showroom” remained busy with potential “parents,” while a holiday spirit and smiles abounded.