Bar Louis serves up lunch and dinner with a twist on pub fare

| 29 Sep 2011 | 10:32

    Truffle fries, sushi “pizza” and Thai grilled baby back ribs define bar cuisine MILFORD - The bar years ago known as “The Chicken and the Snail,” has taken on a whole new look, name and menu. Bar Louis, located in the newly re-opened Hotel Fauchère, is making its debut on the Milford dining scene, and unveiling a menu that has transformed pub grub into bar cuisine. Since late November, the sleek downstairs international-style Bar Louis has presented a roster of innovative dishes served up for lunch and dinner, seven days a week. Designed by Chef Michael Glatz, who is already a hit in Milford at Hotel Fauchère’s Delmonico Room, Bar Louis menu features natural ingredients from regional and local suppliers, including the owner’s own organic farm. The unique menu options are a far cry from standard French fries. Highlights include: • Country Bacon, Potato and Leek Soup • Thai Grilled Baby Back Ribs • Sushi “Pizza” of Tempura Rice, Tuna and Tobikko Sauce • Angus Beef Burger with Vermont Boucher Blue Cheese and Grilled Herb Onions with “Truffle” Fries • Pan Roasted Salmon and Baby Vegetables with Basil Pesto Aioli Bar Louis guests’ eyes will be equally as delighted as their taste buds with photography of artist Christopher Makos, whom Andy Warhol called “the most modern photographer in America,” adorning the walls. Works by Makos on display include a large centerpiece black-and-white candid shot of Warhol and John Lennon, as well as photographs from his “Hilton Brothers” collaboration with photographer Paul Solberg. Bar Louis also features a cabaret and live performance area. Call 570-409-1212 or visit .