Better in the bath

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:52

    Milford - Luxe, a new spa located at the Old Lumberyard Shops, is a newcomer to the Milford retail scene. Specializing in providing high-end bath and body products for women, men and children, Luxe has carved out a unique niche for itself. “Luxe is geared towards those people who really want the best for themselves. Many of us do not have the time or the resources to go a spa, yet all of us deserve to feel special and pampered. It’s just that sometimes we have to pamper ourselves,” says shop co-owner Mary Hinton. “I think several aspects make us unique: first, we understand that many people, especially busy moms, rarely have the time to take long baths, so we searched for products that can give you spa-like experience quickly. Also, we have tested every single product we sell on ourselves and our children. We understand how every product we sell works and we don’t carry anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. There’s nothing worse than being sold a product that doesn’t perform as promised. We can personally tell you the benefits of every product on our shelves” she says. Luxe also differs from other bath and body boutiques in the array of products they carry. From Caswell-Massey, the oldest bath and body line in the United States and the soap of George Washington, to Junie Moonies, handmade products from Louisiana made by registered nurses, to San Francisco based hydra, Luxe has it all. “We want to offer an array of products to meet client demand. We carry 10 product lines, each of which is unique and has its own benefits. Our goal is to carry lines that perform as described and that reflect the various bath and shower preferences of shoppers,” co-owner Robert Williams said. Yes, men are well represented at Luxe, as are children. “For today’s men and women, showering or bathing may be the only time that they truly have to themselves, and our goal is to enhance that time. With three kids, a job, and countless extra-curricular activities, I understand that you have to steal time for yourself. We want to make that time as meaningful as possible. It’s not only about the products but it is also about enhancing the ritual and your time for yourself.” Luxe provides a relaxing and refreshing shopping experience, one that encourages you to try out products and engage all of your senses, or, as its tag line says, to “luxuriate in being yourself.” Luxe opened June 10 in the Old Lumberyard and invites product requests and comments at .