Birmelin pushes school property tax protest

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

    HARRISBURG - Rep. Jerry Birmelin (R-Pike-Wayne-Monroe) is encouraging local residents to participate in an upcoming state capitol school property tax elimination rally. Beginning at noon on Monday, Oct. 24, concerned taxpayers from across the Commonwealth are expected to converge on the state capitol steps and inside the rotunda to demand the complete elimination of school property taxes through the implementation of the Commonwealth Caucus Plan for Pennsylvania’s Future. Birmelin is a Commonwealth Caucus Executive Board Member. The plan, described as “a bipartisan, pro-growth” plan including a series of bills before the House of Representatives is a Republican response to Governor Rendell’s Act 72 plan which funds education with gambling proceeds and personal income taxes. The caucus plan seeks to replace all school property taxes and other local nuisance taxes with a lower but broader 5 percent sales tax rate. The plan envisions broadening the sales tax base to include all goods and services except for hospitals, prescription drugs, items for resale, tax exempt and charitable institutions, and gasoline. It would include food and clothing purchases, currently untaxed. The plan has been scheduled for full state House consideration later this fall. “With the commencement of the Special Session on Property Tax Relief, now is the time for residents of Wayne, Pike and Monroe counties who support the Plan for Pennsylvania’s Future to stand up and be counted,” Birmelin said. “If you’re tired of ever increasing school property taxes putting your home, farm, business or overall financial future in jeopardy, you should attend the rally.” Organized in conjunction with People for Pennsylvania ‘s Future and other grassroots taxpayer groups from throughout the Keystone State , the School Property Tax Elimination Rally will be highlighted by a capitol rotunda press conference featuring personal testimony from several individuals who have been forced out of their homes or otherwise negatively impacted by school property taxes. A statement released by Birmelin encouraged rally participants to “bring school property tax elimination-themed posters, small American flags, jackets, sunglasses, umbrellas, water and a plastic bag to pick up any trash at the conclusion of the rally.” For more information about the rally call Birmelin’s district office at 303 Commercial Street in Honesdale, 570-253-5533. To learn more about the Plan for Pennsylvania ‘s Future visit