Bomb makers nabbed

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:17

    DINGMAN - State police filed juvenile petions against two 14 year-old Gold Key Lake boys following a pipe bomb incident on the evening of Aug. 16. Lt. Herb Weaver of the Pike County Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad said neighbors called after a device was exploded near homes in the community. Weaver said the 4-inch devices, packed in 1.5-inch plastic tubing, were made “entirely of legally obtainable materials, which are illegal when combined.” Weaver said the devices were capable of hurling shrapnel at 2,000 feet per second. Two more devices were dismantled and additional materials were found at the home of one of the boys. Police reported that charges of prohibitive offensive weapons and causing or risking a catastrophe were pending. The boys’ parents are also liable for the cost of county and emergency services at the scene. The boys were released to their parents’ custody.