Book fair winners

| 29 Sep 2011 | 10:48

WESTFALL - Congratulations are due for the winners of Delaware Valley Elementary School PTA’s Scholastic Book Fair Guessing Game. For the game, students were to guess how many Gummy Bears were in the jar. The winners are: Brittany Galgan (Sarah Casey’s third grade, Sydney Russell (Lisa Scheibner’s kindergarten), Hannah Hartenfels (MaryAnn Connelly’s first grade), Lila Shea (Tria Mason’s first grade, Jacob Colon (Joyce Thiele’s second grade), Joey Simoneschi (Joyce Thiele’s second grade), Thomas Lamb (Jean Krisanda’s third grade, Natalie Rosen (Kathy Atchison’s fourth grade), Jeanine Kleist (Cindy Roa’s fifth grade), and Megan Hoitzma (Brigid Gray’s sixth grade). Each of the winners received a $5 gift certificate to be used at the book fair in the spring. In addition, there was a “teacher wish list” section of the book fair, in which teachers could list books they would like to have for their classroom. Parents could choose to buy any of these books for their child’s classroom. Dorothy Barth, who was the PTA volunteer in charge of the Book Fair, said, “Seventy books were purchased by parents for teachers’ classrooms.” Barth was very pleased with the response to the “teacher wish list” program and with the book fair. She was also happy to have so many (20) PTA volunteers helping.