Boroughs win $700,000

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:41

    HARRISBURG - State officials this week announced $52.8 million in “Home Towns Streets” project grants including more than $700,000 for the boroughs of Milford and Matamoras. This included $402,500 for Milford’s Downtown Streetscape Project. Funding for one of “Pennsylvania’s two primary northestern gateway’s” will help complete streetscape improvements to the Harford Street commercial district between Milford’s east and west gateways. Matamoras won $300,000 for its revitalization of Pennsylvania Avenue, U.S. Routes. 6/209. Money will go to phase III of in the beautification of curbs and sidewalks for the downtown area. The project will create a safer street environment by construction of the curbs, sidewalks, installation of lighting & parking along Pennsylvania Avenue. This, the state decided, “will enable the community and visitors to safely enjoy the hometown feel of Matamoras, while promoting positive community growth.”