Advanced breast cancer detection tool now available at Wayne Memorial

| 30 Dec 2019 | 03:45

Honesdale. Wayne Memorial Hospital is now offering an advanced step in the detection of breast cancer, a stereotactic biopsy procedure. This procedure is recommended when a mammogram reveals an abnormality, such as a suspicious lump, breast structure irregularities, changes in tissue, or calcium deposits. Lisa Medvetz, MD, a general surgeon at Wayne Memorial, said patients do not have to go to the operating room for surgery, undergo anesthesia, or have visual scarring. The hospital’s chief of radiology, Charles Barax, MD, said wait times are less, with procedure done the same day in some cases. During a stereotactic biopsy, a specialized mammography machine provides X-rays from two different angles to pinpoint the suspicious tissue. The two sets of images guide the physician to the area of concern, where a needle in a hollow tube can be inserted to remove the tissue for analysis. “The entire process typically takes about an hour,” said Dr. Barax. "And, because the breast is numbed ahead of time, our patients report it’s far less uncomfortable than a routine mammogram.”