‘Toast to Milford’ offers residents, tourists a taste of the town

Milford. Twenty-five businesses participated this year and planning for next year’s event has already begun.

| 15 May 2023 | 03:35

The sidewalks of were filled with people eating, drinking, shopping, and just having fun on May 13 as they strolled through the streets at the “Toast to Milford” event organized by Milford Presents, the official marketing vehicle for the town. A non-profit organization, Milford Presents has been sponsoring this event for the last eight years.

According to Laura Staine, owner of Willow and board member of Milford Presents, the event is designed “to bring tourism to the town and showcase the businesses in town through events.” Businesses pay a membership fee (different tiers) to join and enjoy the support of the organization, which also highlights other events, such as the Milford Music Festival, and the Festival of Wood.

Twenty-five businesses participated in the tour. Not only did they give people a figurative taste of the town, but a literal one, as well. Among the offerings were Sangria, beer, wine, cheese plates, hot dogs, cupcakes, chocolate, wings, and even red snapper ceviche.

The event was sponsored by the Greater Pike Community Foundation, Willow, Pocono Mountain, and Milford Hospitality Group.

Although three school board candidates happened to be serving food, (Dawn Bukaj and Christine Agron served hotdogs at 403 Broad while Carl Will served cupcakes at the McAteer & Will Estates table), there was no active politicking.

People were in high spirits, smiling and being neighborly. There were several dogs on leaches and one unique pet - a green-cheeked conure named Phoeni - in a mesh see-through carrier being held by its bird parent, Laddy. As apparently going to festivals is old hat, Phoeni caused quite a stir at The Golden Fish Art Gallery.

This year was the first time that there were 12 trash receptacles strategically placed on the sidewalks. They were placed through the efforts of the Milford Enhancement Committee, which is planning for more of these. The receptacles are customized and are totally in keeping with the tenor of the town. For details on how to donate to the MEC and order a personalized receptacle, log onto http://www.milfordenhancement.com.

Milford Presents is already planning for next year’s event in hopes that it will be even bigger and more of its 50 businesses will participate.