Citizens Bank donates for Day of Caring

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:17

MILFORD - Thanks to Citizens Bank, more than 225 Pike United Way volunteers will receive free t-shirts as they deliver over 1,400 hours of free community service to about 20 local non-profit programs on Saturday, Sept.9, during in the Sixth Annual Day of Caring. David Rodriguez, regional manager for Citizens Bank, supports the volunteer effort. “We always like to partner with Pike United Way in this important community work. Our employees are among the volunteers, and the t-shirts are a token of our commitment to helping with community projects such as this one”, he said. Milford Branch Manager, Phyllis Petrillo, added “The Day of Caring is a United Way initiative we are proud to support. It makes a huge difference in the lives of so many people in our local area.” Sue Robbins, Day of Caring Co-Chair says that she still needs some volunteers and is also open to receiving more projects from local non-profit organizations. She went on to say, “We thank Citizens Bank for the terrific t-shirts, and we thank all the volunteers. Our community is well served by their helping hands. Remember that the Fourth Annual 9/11 Memorial Blood Drive is also part of the Day of Caring activities. Volunteers and blood donors are needed for this program also and they too will receive a free t-shirt.” For information about Pike County United Way call toll free 1-888-306-6963 or 570-296-9980, email or visit our website Further information about any of the agencies providing services in Pike County can be found at