Commission okays new Pike power bidding plan

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:25

    HARRISBURG - The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission on April 6 approved a speeded up bidding process for other, possibly cheaper, power suppliers in the Pike County Light & Power service territory. The Commission approved the “expedited process to evaluate a proposed retail aggregation bidding program” by a vote of 5-0. Retail aggregation programs pool electric consumers for the purpose of purchasing electric power collectively. Direct Energy Services LLC has proposed that an auction be held to determine who would administer such a program for Pike County Light & Power consumers. In order to allow comment on the program and for the Commission to make an informed judgment, the Commission directed its Office of Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to hold a Public Input Hearing. The hearing will be held April 11, in Hearing Room 1 of the Commonwealth Keystone Building, Harrisburg. According to the Commission’s Tentative Order, all participating bidders must demonstrate the capability to serve residential consumers by indicating adequate staffing at service centers to field questions from residential consumers. The Commission plans to take final action on the program at its April 20, 2006, meeting with the winning competitive bidder being named April 28. If approved, consumers should begin to receive notifications and educational information from Pike County Light & Power and the winning aggregator in May.