Delaware Valley graduates 430

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:52

WESTFALL - “Today our journey is over, but our lives have only just begun,” stated valedictorian Jasper Schneider in his speech to his fellow graduates at commencement Saturday. The Delaware Valley graduation took place Saturday morning, after rain postponed Friday evening plans. The weather was chill and windy, but no rain fell.. “Well, no one will be getting sunburn this year,” joked Dr. Thomas Finan. Warrior A moment of silence was paid to the three Port Jervis High School seniors who died as a result of a car accident recently. Dr. Tom Finan, Director of Secondary Education, offered some words to highlight the achievements of the graduating class. From a record breaking academic year, including mock trial and science olympiad, to a historic athletic season, including the school’s baseball team, Dr. Finan had a long list to read. Class President Averil Campbell was first up to the microphone with an enthusiastic, “who would have thought this day would actually come?” Benjamin McKean, Salutatorian, spoke on the accomplishments of the class followed by some motivational words for the future. “Success is self-sustaining and breeds motivation for others,” McKean said as he went on to elaborate using examples from his high school career. Student Council President Brett Fuchs shared his personal recipe for success, which included the importance of learning something new each and everyday. He said, “It doesn’t matter what that something new is, where or how we learn it, because questions can only give us answers to more knowledge - knowledge which empowers us to be the individuals we are and to pursue whatever our passion may be.” Though he lost his cap to the wind midway in his speech, Fuchs continued, leaving his class with the wise words of Dr. Suess. Lastly, Valedictorian Jasper Schneider enlightened his classmates on the crucial matter of determination. Using Milton Hershey as an example, Schneider spoke of the devotion Hershey, a poor and uneducated man, had to his dream of selling chocolate. Schneider encouraged his peers to keep working towards their dream as Hershey did - but he also advised, “Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses every now and then.”