Dems warm to the fall campaign

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

    MATAMORAS - Local and regional Democratic candidates were on the campaign trail as they gathered Wednesday at a party dinner at Hunts Landing in Matamoras. Chris Carney, a senior terrorism advisor and consultant to the Department of Defense will be challenging incumbent Rep. Don Sherwood for the 10th District seat in Congress next year. Carney is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Penn State University’s Worthington Scranton campus. Chris, his wife Jennifer, and their five children have lived in the 10th district for the past 14 years. Carney also stated, “Securing the nation also means rejecting policies that unfairly burden the middle class. Part of this means providing retirement security, job security, and health security.” State Rep. John J. Siptroth of the 189th Legislative District is seeking re-election. “I am particularly concerned with property tax issues. There needs to be a balance between commercial growth and residential growth. Although we need commercial growth to offset property we have to be concerned that it is done properly,” he said. Siptroth stated, “There is a need to increase the availability of new jobs as long as we continue to have residential growth at the pace it is increasing by. I would like to see more high tech industries which would allow residents to be able to work and receive a higher wage without the need to commute to NYC or NJ.”