Developer reveals 488-acre home plan

| 29 Sep 2011 | 07:56

    DINGMAN - The Dingman Township Planning Commission has concerns with the preliminary plans for the Rock Hill Estates, a 200-plus home subdivision which is going to be built on Route 739 opposite Lake Adventure. In an informal presentation Wednesday evening, Douglas Olmstead, engineer for Rock Hill Estates said the developer is planning to begin work on the land in the spring of 2006. Displaying a large rendering on an easel, Olmstead said was seeking four waivers of township regulations to begin the project as planned. The first waiver sought was permission to exceed the 1200 foot restriction for block length so as to preserve more open space in the subdivision, Block length is the distance from a road intersection to the end of that road which will include all planned home lots in that particular block. Their second waiver was to plan a different type of cul-de-sac, a one way loop road in front of the homes with a grass area in the middle as opposed to a large paved area as is normally done. “We believe this will be better for emergency vehicles and be better for winter snow plowing”, Olmstead claimed. “That type of cul-de-sac doesn’t meet township requirements.” said vice-chair Duane Kuhn. Asked if this type of cul-de-sac was planned to increase the amount of green space to meet township requirements, Olmstead said the plan has more than enough green space to satisfy township needs in the 488 acre site. The third waiver would increase the number of lots allowed on a cul-de-sac from the allowed 16 to 21. Lastly, they sought conditional approval from the commission prior to the completion perk testing on all the lots. “We can’t give approval till at least, possibly, 2/3 of the lots have been tested and a more finalized planning module is ready for us to review,” said Mike Ciancitto, a planning commission member, If an early approval is given, before lot testing is done, costly and time consuming changes may be required later on. “All of this will take a significant amount of time on our part and your part.” Ciancitto said. Asked about sewage plans, Olmstead said, “we are looking into” having central sewers and central water which will address concerns regarding water supplies for fire protection also. “Right now we are proposing on lot water and sewer but that may change as our project plans develop”, he said. Olmstead said they are considering a sewage treatment plant utilizing disposal of treated waste into fields that have elevated sand mounds or drip irrigation for this purpose. Spray fields will not be used. Olmstead also assured planners that development roads will meet requirements for emergency services vehicle access. “There is adequate room for any emergency vehicle to turn in the radius we have planned.” Leaving without his waivers, Olmstead planned to return to make a formal presentation to the commission in January. “Other townships work a little differently but I now have a better understanding as to what is required for Dingman Township.”