Environmental firm seeks local base

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:57

    DINGMAN TOWNSHIP - Bringing the office closer to the action, a Wilkes-Barre company is seeking to open a satellite locally. Eco Scientific, a septic and lake water testing company has purchased a residential house on Route. 6, north of Milford. Ron Tussel of Eco Scientific submitted an application for “change of use” regarding the house and property. He stated that Eco Scientific intends to have a some desks and computers installed to make a new office facility for the Luzerne County based company. He said, “Much of our work is in Pike County and it would make it logistically easier and smarter for Eco Scientific to be closer to their work than their main office in Wilkes-Barre.” The Planning Commission said they would need a traffic study done in order to proceed with approvals. The Preserve at Milford Hills submitted plans to change their community entrance way with the addition of new lighting and improved landscaping. The commission ruled that if it this constitutes a revision of the subdivision approval, then The Preserve must go through all the proper procedures in order to get re-approval. The developers are also asking for approval to change the name of Preserve Blvd. to Estate Blvd. because the name is to similar to Preserve Dr. in Shohola. The similarities in the name creates a problem for the 911 Emergency Communications Center, which has directed that the name change be made. The commission also discussed a communications-cell tower proposed for a site just south of Lake Shohola in the Anderson Camps Subdivision on Springbrook Rd. Approval for the access road is stalled as there are some outstanding unpaid fees to Dingman Township. Steve Boell, representing Verizon, assured the Planning Commission, “That the unpaid amounts will be cleared up before or at the next Dingman Township Board of Supervisors meeting.” A new access road to the proposed cell tower is planned in order to facilitate the installation.