Errol Flynn endorses Madeira

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:23

    HONESDALE -Former congressional candidate, attorney Errol Flynn has endorsed Republican state Senate candidate David Madeira. In a statement released by Madeira, Flynn said, “For too long we’ve surrendered our government to bureaucrats and career politicians who place their own selfish interests ahead of yours and mine. These worthies have given us midnight raises in their salaries and unvouchered expense accounts to raid those raises even before they were legally applicable. They have failed to institute political and economic reforms (real property tax reform and controls on lawsuit abuse, for example) that would draw jobs to Pennsylvania rather than continuing to drive our children and young professionals to leave, causing a “brain drain” that accelerates the downward spiral of our once robust economy. “It’s time we returned Harrisburg to the citizen legislators our founding fathers intended. “His solid conservative approach to politics and business is well stated on this website, and his devotion to family, church and community, his enormous energy, and his commitment to work for the betterment of all Pennsylvanians has been most evident when I have sat down to talk with him. “Dr. Madeira’s opponents are not bad people, but they will bring more of the same to and from Harrisburg , and, frankly, it really is time for a change. For these reasons, I strongly support David’s candidacy, and ask you to do so as well with your vote.”