Expansion questioned

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:23

    DINGMAN - Sunrise Lake owner Bob Ramagosa last week presented a preliminary planning module for an 82-acre, 49 lot addition to his 850 home subdivision on State Route 739 in Dingman Township. During the review of the plan, Township Solicitor, John Klemeyer asked Ramagosa if he had any “waivers” attached to the plan. Waivers would include requests to allow exceptions to a town ordinance that must be presented when submitting the plan for approval. Ramagosa said he had none at this time, but depending on town zoning requirements he may have to file some later. “The ordinance says waivers have to be submitted at the time the plan is presented for preliminary approval,” Klemeyer replied. After the preliminary application was accepted by motion, Ramagosa collected his paperwork and left the meeting. But additional discussion took place regarding Ramagosa’s need to have presented waivers. At an earlier appearance before the planning commission, planners had felt that Ramagosa would need waivers regarding open space requirements. Ramagosa earlier told the commission that the 10 percent “open area” required by ordinance in a subdivision was going to be given to him as a “credit” by Dingman Township, as part of his land donation agreement for the township’s park, which adjoins Sunrise Lake. Klemeyer asked and planning commission secretary, Bonnie Mullins, confirmed that Ramagosa was told of the filing requirement at the last meeting. “It is what it is,” said Klemeyer. “He may have to start the entire process over again including all fees.”