Fighting the leaf-eaters

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:31

    DINGMAN - Financial relief is on the way for property owners as Dingman officials pledged to help pay for the 2007 Gypsy Moth suppression program. Local costs will rise next year since the Federal government, which this year funded $13 million nationwide, is not putting any money into Gypsy Moth control for 2007. ”Dingman Township is going to help fund the program for those communities and private property owners that have already signed up,” said Tom Mincer, township supervisors chairman, at the Sept. 19 board meeting. Mincer told The Courier that township officials have met with Delaware and Blooming Grove townships and the Department of Environmental Protection to formulate a plan. “We are concerned not only with the trees in communities and on private lands but also with trees that line common township roads,” Mincer said. “Safety is an issue in this situation. Trees won’t take two years of devastation without the risk of dying and falling onto roadways or utility lines in places along these roads.” Mincer said that the township already has tax reserves which can be used for this purpose. “I don’t expect to raise taxes for this, I have promised not to do this and intend to live up to my word,” he said. “We would have helped last year but no one asked us.”