Fishy stuff in 6th grade Science at Shohola Elementary

| 29 Sep 2011 | 10:04

Jeanette Curran is a 6th grade teacher at Shohola Elementary School who loves science. Here, she’s holding a red plastic fish. When the fish is in the palm of your hand, it flips, turns, and moves its head and tail. Students attempted to have the fish move on the back of their hands, desks, tables, floor and whatever else they could imagine. But it failed to move. The fish would only move when placed in the palm of your hand. It was difficult for the students to figure out why on their own. Mrs. Curran explained that it had to do with the heat transfer from the student’s hand to the fish that made it move. Mrs. Curran is always amazing her class with hands on learning and experiments that motivate and engage her students. Submitted by Connor Decker (Contributed photo)