Flu shots at Price Chopper

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:39

    MATAMORAS - This year, Price Chopper is partnering with Maxim Health Systems to offer flu and pneumonia shots at their pharmacies. “Flu”, or influenza, is a highly contagious upper respiratory disease that affects the entire body. It is passed from person to person. In the US, seasonal epidemics of influenza occur every year, usually during winter months. What can be done to prevent the flu? The best way to prevent influenza is to get an annual flu shot. Because the viruses change frequently and the protection from the vaccine decreases with time, people should be vaccinated every year. The cost of the flu shot will be $25. The pneumonia shot will be $40. There is plenty of flu vaccine available this year. Maxin Health Systems will be collecting cash and/or checks. Medicare part B recipients need to present a Medicare card and will receive the vaccination at no charge. Call 570-491-5702 for more information or visit www.pricechopper.com for a flu clinic schedule.