Four dogs still make a kennel

| 29 Sep 2011 | 10:32

    DINGMAN - A “three dog maximum” in the township zoning ordinance will remain unchanged. Erin Sharpe of Pocono Woodland Lakes has been cited for having four dogs at her residence. This occurred after a dispute with one of her neighbors regarding her “barking dogs.” Sharpe had asked that the ordinance be revised or that she be allowed to keep four dogs, at least until the death of the eldest of the dogs. The planning commission reviewed the ordinance and sent their recommendation on to the supervisors. Their recommendation was, “unless a variance is submitted, showing a hardship is granted, then having more than three dogs at a residence will still be considered a kennel.” Members of the Board of Supervisors discussed the issue at their Dec. 5 meeting and approved the planners’ “no change” recommendation. In other business, the Conashaugh Lakes Community Association returned over $13,000 the town supervisors had given them to help defray the cost of the 2007 Gypsy Moth Spray Program being administered by Pike County. They chose to drop out of the program reasoning that there is so much forest area surrounding their community that is not going to be sprayed by the county or state, that their internal spraying would not cure the problem. Mincer said they would use the returned money to spray some additional areas in Dingman Township since it was earmarked for this purpose to begin with. The proposed 2007 township budget was also presented by the town supervisors on Tuesday. Total spending for the coming year is expected to be $2,369,500 which includes a $750,000 carry over from 2006 budget. There will be no increase in real estate taxes and the total for property tax revenues is expected to be over $1,000,000 which includes $30,000 in delinquent taxes. The budget is on a 20-day public review and is available for inspection at the Dingman Township offices on Fisher Lane. The budget is scheduled for adoption at the Dec. 19 meeting.