Four-year college comes to high school

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:41

    WESTFALL - On May 18, Edward G. Boehm, Jr., Ed.D., president of Keystone College and Candis M. Finan, Ph.D., superintendent of Delaware Valley School District were scheduled to sign a partnership agreement launching the Keystone Weekender at Delaware Valley High School. Under the agreement, Keystone will offer Baccalaureate Degrees in two majors at the Pike County facility beginning this September: Bachelor of.Science programs in Criminal Justice and Business. The Keystone Weekender will occupy classrooms in the ninth and tenth grade wing of the Delaware Valley High School. As the only bachelors degree programs in Pike County, Pa., Orange County, N.Y., or Sussex County, N.J., the new Pike County program should save students from making long commutes to schools in surrounding counties. This comes at a time when the price of gasoline has reached $3 to $4 per gallon. Many prospective students already have a 90 minute or longer commute to the metropolitan New York City area daily, making an after-work commute to class difficult. The Weekender program’s schedule fits this commuter lifestyle. The Keystone Weekender, which started in 1975, is geared to busy working adults who can successfully hold a full-time job, attend college on weekends and still have time for family and leisure. The Weekender schedule offers classes Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday every third weekend, on average. Keystone’s main campus is in La Plume, fifteen minutes outside of Scranton. The College has a Weekender program in Towanda, at the Bradford County satellite center.