Getting advice on choosing a career

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:46

WESTFALL - The Guidance department at Delaware Valley- 9/10 High School recently held a Career Day for all sophomore students. Sophomores take part in career group sessions and Career Day is held annually in the spring to conclude the career group program. This event provides the students with an excellent opportunity to meet and discuss their career aspirations with individuals who are actually employed in the students’ occupational field of choice. Speakers discussed such topics as educational training, working conditions, salary, and employment potential for the future. A brief question and answer period was held at the end of each session, which allowed the students an opportunity to discuss any of their concerns with the representatives. Ms. Carrie Westgate, Freshmen and Sophomore Guidance Counselor coordinated the event. Representatives in the following occupational areas gave presentations: law, attorney, Robert F. Bernathy; banking, Janet Bright and Donna Lull; building trades, Ed Nikles; electrical trades, Paul Casparo; law enforcement, Mark Moglia; nursing, Cheryl Newmark; finance, Tom Corry; speech and language pathology, Dr. Elaine Shuey; school psychologists, Nick Muto and Gary Butler; oral surgeon, Dr. Christopher Kotchick; airline pilot, Stephen Connolly; film design & production, Karen Gropman; accountant, Kelli Walsh; pottery artist, David Greenbaum; physical therapists, Regina Hubbard and April Quinn; exercise physiologist/proprietor, MaryAnne Ruby; photographer, Tom Duncan; computer engineers/professors, Dr. Paul Schembari & Glenn Watt; and Realtor, Steve Dye.