Is that knocking an annoying neighbor or something wilder?

| 29 Sep 2011 | 10:32

I was just sitting down to watch Sunday night football. My wife was working; my kids, who were babies at the time, were fast a sleep and it was the just the perfect setting. Suddenly there was a knock at my back slider door. Now, I had been watching my neighbor’s vacation home and he had a habit of just showing up at the strangest hours to tell me things I didn’t need to know. So I thought I’d just ignore him. Well, the knocking happened again so I finally had to stop trying to play like I was sleeping and answer the door. As I pulled open my blinds for the slider, my heart almost stopped. There he was — a very large bear standing on his or her hind legs looking right at me, face to face. I am not sure who ran faster in opposite direction but I know who had to change their underwear. The bear was trying to get a feeder that we had hanging off the back of the house and that was the knocking sound. But at least the bear didn’t tell me stories I didn’t need to know. Don Herzog Milford, Pa.