‘Katrina dogs' find a foster home

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:00

PORT JERVIS - The Humane Society of Deerpark has provided this account of two displaced “Katrina dogs,” who have found a temporaryhome. Their “foster-mother” wrote it. Thanks to a local couple Beau and Ginger are happy and are in a warm dry home. When Katrina hit, their owners had to leave them as there just was no room in their small car. After driving the family to this area, he drove back for the animals. Eleven days later he reached them. Fortunately the water just came to the door but parts of the roof were blown off and it was a wet and moldy place. He salvaged what he could, loaded the animals and headed back north. Then another problem arose. His wife’s sister has taken them in and with so many people in the house there was again no room for the dogs. The Deerpark Humane Society was kind enough to help out and boarded them. As the dogs had never been seperated they were trying to find someone who would foster both dogs. The word spread and three weeks later a couple who just lost their Corgi to cancer spoke up and said they would try. It has been a pleasure for all involved--the funniest part was when their “foster mother” let them out into the fenced in yard, several deer stood on the other side of the fence, Beau and Ginger put their brakes on and by the looks on their faces, it appeared they thought the dogs were pretty big up here. What will they do when they see six inches of snow for the first time? There are times when the old dog, Beau, cries and whines because he probably is missing his family. After some petting and kind words he settles down. The future is still uncertain but for now, they have a warm loving home.