‘Llearning' about Llamas

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:08

    MILFORD - “Llearn about Llamas” will be the theme of an Open Barn Day at Foster Hill Farm, Milford, home of Snyder Quality Llamas, on Sunday, July 30. Between 1 and 5 p.m. there will be tours on the hour of the various barns and pastures that over 60 llamas call home. Richard Snyder, owner of Snyder Quality Llamas, and his staff will be providing an introduction to llama behavior and care, dubbed “Llama 101,” to enlighten the general public about these gentle members of the camelid family and to provide more specific information for the more serious llama enthusiasts who may be considering the purchase of a llama. In addition to the tours, there will be fiber demonstrations, which will include shearing some fiber from a llama and spinning it into yarn as visitors watch. A display of other uses of llamas will be featured also. Snyder, who has 16 years experience with his herd of these intelligent and beautiful animals (many of which have been competition winners), will be on hand to discuss llama care with prospective llama purchasers. The llama, which is one of the oldest domesticated animals in the world, is very social and prefers the companionship of its own species. While llamas are comparatively easy to care for, a prospective owner must consider the need for shelter, fencing, food supply, and veterinary care. To reach Foster Hill Farm, traveling from downtown Milford, follow West Harford Street to Seventh Street. Turn right. Go up Foster Hill Road 9/10 mile to Llama Llane, on the left. Follow the signs to the parking area and enjoy the visit. Visitors are asked not to bring their pets onto the premises. Admission is free. For additional information, call 570-296-6249 between noon and 6 p.m.