80-year-old with Alzheimer’s to be released from jail on July 8

Milford. A friend who served with John Curwood in the Air Force drove up from Bucks County to support his friend during the June 3 sentencing hearing. Curwood said he regretted stalking and threatening his wife and stepdaughter but also said he was a victim.

| 09 Jun 2021 | 02:17

John Curwood, an 80-year-old with Alzheimer’s who has pleaded guilty to stalking, threatening, and tire slashing, will serve two years’ probation after he is released from jail on July 8.

His daughter Joy McCann, who has been fighting for Curwood’s release, is paving the way for him to go to a Veterans Administration assisted living home in Scranton right out of jail. Curwood had no conduct violations during his incarceration.

Curwood has been in the Pike County Correctional Facility since Jan. 8. Prior to his sentencing hearing at the county courthouse on June 3, he signed a plea agreement in which he admitted to stalking and threatening his wife, Rosemary Curwood, and stepdaughter, Erin Barboe; slashing tires in a Walmart parking lot; and violating the terms of a protection order.

At the June 3 hearing, Rosemary Curwood and Erin Barboe sat on the opposite side of the courthouse from John Curwood’s daughters Joy McCann and June Heffernan and friends Martha J. Lester and Bill Haughney.

Curwood attended by Zoom, represented by Robert Bernathy of the Milford law firm Farley & Bernathy LLC. Curwood said he regretted what he did, but also said he was a victim of his wife and stepdaughter.

The judge affirmed that Curwood is to never come near his wife or any member of her family again, and that he had no access to firearms and never would have access. The judge also handed down a monetary judgment (please see sidebar).

Rosemary Curwood and Erin Barboe declined to speak to the Courier.

McCann read a statement on her father’s behalf that included his doctor’s statement affirming he suffers from Alzheimer’s, dementia, and clinical depression. She said earlier that Bernathy told her he didn’t know Curwood had Alzheimer’s.

Haughney said he’s known Curwood since 1959, when they served together in the Air Force. Haughney came to Milford from his home in Quakertown, Pa., in Bucks County, a two-hour drive, to support his friend. Haughney said Curwood is a stand-up guy.

Haughney said he was discharged from the Air Force in 1962 on Curwood’s birthday, Jan. 25. He said he looks forward to visiting his friend at the Scranton VA.

The court’s monetary judgments against John Curwood include:
Supervision fees and various monthly/weekly fees of $100 to $150 and fees for prison housing, food, laundry, and other expenses
$1,849 to wife Rosemary Curwood
$886.60 to stepdaughter Erin Barboe
$380.95 to Progressive Insurance
$630.94 to Homer Powell (John Curwood said he thought he was slashing Erin Barboe’s tires in the Walmart parking lot when he was actually slashing Homer Powell’s tires. Curwood does not know Powell.)
$103.10 to Geico Insurance