All signs point to vaccine progress in Milford

Milford. Another clinic will be held at St. Patrick’s on Wednesday. Mayor Sean Strub and Dr. Doug Manion says vaccines are becoming more plentiful, and local residents are stepping up.

| 07 May 2021 | 08:40

Milford Mayor Sean Strub was happy to announce another opportunity for a Moderna first vaccine at St. Patrick’s Parish Hall on Wednesday, May 12, with the follow-up shot on Wednesday, May 26. Call 570-253-8197 for an appointment.

At Milford’s first clinic, 150 slots were taken in just a few days. It “went really well,” said Strub. “Lots of people took signs after getting vaccinated.” He meant the signs, created with help from the Milford Covid Relief Fund, featuring a repurposed Rosie the Riveter and messages like “Let’s vax Pike County” and “This home is vaxxed to the maxx!”

“Research shows that what makes those ‘vaccine reluctant’ decide to get vaccinated is more influenced by their neighbors than by seeing celebrities get vaccinated on TV or national political and public health figures,” Strub said. “So the signs make it visible that one’s neighbors have gotten vaccinated.”

Strub and others are passing around a letter, signed by vaccinated advocates, explaining how vaccination is key to ending the pandemic and avoiding more shutdowns.

Strub and Dr. Doug Manion, an infectious disease specialist who has been supplying local residents with information on Zoom throughout the pandemic, went on the radio three times in the past week. They are working on a giant “thermometer” showing vaccination progress in the community. It will be placed at the corner in front of the Community House, in the middle of the borough.

“Our vaccination effort is very much focused on the whole county, not just the borough,” Strub said. At Milford’s first clinic last month, only a small percentage were from the borough, and about half from zip code 18337, he said. “The full-page letter is signed by people from all over the county, the Rosie the Riveter going all over the county as well.”

Looking up
Dr. Manion cited good results from the vaccination campaign so far and other positive developments:
Excellent support from elected officials in the county, township and borough
Lots of willing volunteers
Plentiful vaccine supplies
Increasingly you can register to be vaccinated by phone rather than only online
Local vaccines now available at the Walgreens in Milford Borough
Street signs supporting vaccinations going up all over the borough and the county.
4% of Pike County residents eligible for vaccination have received at least one dose
Vaccines to the homebound, prisoners
Upcoming Moderna vaccination clinics will be held at the Pike County Training Center in Lords Valley on the following days: Wednesday, May 12, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Tuesday, May 18, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; and Tuesday, May 25, 12-4 p.m.
Preregister at to access the Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers’ portal. Those needing assistance can register by calling the Wayne Memorial hotline at 570-253-8197. Senior citizens can also call the Pike Area Agency on Aging at 570-775-5550.
Pike County’s Office of Emergency Management and Area Agency on Aging (AAA) worked together to deliver the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine to 30 homebound people last month. Wayne Memorial provided the vaccine.
“We were able to help senior citizens and people with disabilities who don’t drive, have mobility issues, or receive in-home services similar to those provided in a long-term care facility and are served by participating managed care organizations,” said AAA Executive Director Robin Skibber.
In addition, all inmates and staff at the Pike County Correctional Facility have been offered the Covid-19 vaccine, and everyone who wanted one received the Moderna vaccine.
On March 31, correctional staff in Pennsylvania became eligible for vaccination. On April 5, inmates became eligible in Phase 1B of Pennsylvania’s vaccine rollout.
Pike Warden Craig Lowe initiated Pike’s effort with the county’s emergency management director, Tim Knapp, who arranged for the vaccine to be delivered through Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers. Shots were administered by PrimeCare Medical, which provides healthcare services to the facility.
“Pike is one of the first county correctional facilities to provide vaccinations to inmates and staff,” said commissioners’ chair Matthew Osterberg, who serves as vice president of Pike’s Prison Board. “We commend Warden Lowe for his leadership, and we thank all of the partners who are helping to protect staff and inmates as well as our community. Our Office of Emergency Management is doing great work on the vaccine front.”