Amy Litzenberger, the force behind many community endeavors

Milford. A look at the work of the Litzenberger Family Foundation.

| 23 Jan 2024 | 04:44

At a young age, Amy Litzenberger was endowed with a love of community, politics, financial acumen, generosity, and above all, a quick wit and sense of humor. She and husband Bob Litzenberger, the couple behind the Litzenberger Family Foundation, have made enormous contributions to Milford and Pike County, even if their name isn’t a household one.

Amy’s mother was a state representative in Connecticut and was very politically engaged. Amy said, “If someone asks me to do something, I do it.” Her degree from Vassar College and an MBA from New York University propelled her to the apex of the world of corporate finance, including mergers and acquisitions, initial and secondary public offerings, institutional and private offerings, debt financing, evaluations, and financial consulting. And despite a very demanding career as an investment banker for 20 years, she was always community-minded.

Amy retired in 1999, and she and Bob permanently relocated to Milford in 2001. They chose Milford because of its natural beauty, its woods and open spaces, and especially because of its very active local community. They wanted to get involved and found that doing so could encourage other people to also get involved. Plus, a donation of $5,000 here, for example, could do more good for more people than a $5,000 contribution in New York City. Money goes farther here and can make a significant impact.

In 2001, Bob and Amy established the Litzenberger Family Foundation, which donates to several nonprofit organizations. And while the public may not know the names of the Litzenbergers or their foundation, they know the names of the organizations that thrive thanks to their support.

In Pike County, the foundation supports Kindred Spirits Arts (where Amy serves on the Board of Directors), the Milford Music Festival, Black Bear Film Festival (where she also serves on the board), the Center for Developmental Disabilities, the Dingmans Ferry Theater, the Delaware Highlands Conservancy, The Dime Bank, the Milford Readers and Writers Festival, and Harmony Presents in Hawley. As if these organizations weren’t enough, the foundation also supports The Pike County Humane Society, Hannah Q Dance Company, the Milford Enhancement Committee, Friends of Marie Zimmerman, and Pike Opera. Amy also co-founded an organization called “Take the Lead,” which is dedicated to bringing women to leadership parity.

Amy says contributing to charitable causes is a good way to get to know people. Her mentors in working for the community when she first started were Barbara J. Buchanan, Dick Snyder, Sean Strub, and Tom Hoff. Now, there is a new group of volunteers who are beginning to take the helm and continue the vibrant spirit of giving to the community.

One outstanding thing that Bob and Amy do is to attend the events that they support. They will often be seen sitting quietly in a corner, with no braggadocio, just enjoying the event. And this new group of volunteers follows suit — all for the good of the community.