Belle Reve septic system spills again

| 16 Jul 2015 | 03:48

By Frances Ruth Harris
— The septic system at Belle Reve Senior Living overflowed again on Harford Street in Milford.

The latest incident happened at about 2 p.m. on July 6, according to Richard Passarge of Guether’s Plumbing and Heating. He saw the sewage running down the street. He said he resented that his dogs walked in it, and that it's the third time it's happened in the past year.

Passarge and a Belle Reve worker who did not want to be named confronted each other about the spill. They later shook hands and agreed that everything possible was being done to address the chronic problem.

The Belle Reve worker went back into the facility and returned with its executive director, Edward Harding. He said Belle Reve has five septic systems serving the facility, and that Village Mayor Bo Fean had earlier visited the site with two other officials. Every home and business in Milford has its own septic system, Harding noted.

Earth Care Septic Pumping Service of Milford emptied the septic system. The problem was apparently a mechanical pumping failure. Harding said Earth Care empties the septic tanks every quarter.

He said Earth Care will investigate the current mechanical pumping system to find a more permanent solution.

Bob DeLorenzo, who oversees the sewage systems both in Milford borough and township, did not return calls from the Courier.